Come on in to Sumner, Washington, the Rhubarb Pie Capital of the World. Settled in 1853 after a wagon train daringly crossed the Cascade Mountains through Naches Pass, Sumner quickly grew to become an established town. Find out how Sumners name was literally drawn out of a hat. Learn about George Ryans unique method for getting the railroad to stop here. Take a tour down Main Street, and watch how it changedor didntthrough the decades. See Ryan House when it actually was a farmhouse and the Old Cannery when it was canning fruit. Join in celebrations over the years, from the Daffodil Parade to football championships. Meet schoolchildren, including Clara McCarty Wilt, who became the first graduate of the University of Washington. Follow the work at local industries, from the lumberyards to the fields, where daffodils, berries, and of course, rhubarb were grown.

Breakfast @ Applebee's

Bonney Lake

December 7th

 8:30 to 10:30am

$ 20.00

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